Research suggests 90% of online customers use search engines to research and find the best product for the best price before they make their online purchase. As a website owner you know it is important that your website has a presence on the major search engines so you can catch some of that traffic. Search engine traffic is extremely valuable because the searches are most likely looking to purchase the specific product or service you offer. Although SEO can take slightly longer to get top positions it provides a far more targeted advertising option that can deliver amazing results and send plenty of traffic your way. It also delivers specifics about the return you’re getting on your investment which is invaluable information, especially for small businesses. Optimising your website for search engines can deliver amazing results and send plenty of traffic your way, it also delivery High ROI. Few benefits of engaging in SEO activities are listed below

  • SEO brings you High ROI
  • Once a site is search engine optimised, it should stay long term as compared to PPC (price per click), where costs and outlay are ongoing and unpredictable
  • SEO can increase number of visitors who are looking for your services and products
  • A site optimised for search engines will delivery results consistently, its like a continuous marketing campaign
  • SEO increases brand visibility
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • SEO is among most cost-effective ways of marketing

At Shivom we have wealth of experience in white hat search engine optimisation techniques, we provide clean and simple SEO solutions to our clients for their targeted consumer base and market. We provide free SEO consultant to our clients, for your free report get in touch with us.

Web Analytics

Play an important role in online marketing and promotions. Companies spend millions of dollars in online advertising promotions and marketing campaigns, but question is “How do we know these online investments are worthwhile?” Web analytics allows businesses to track their return on investments. At Shivom we offer our customers free analytics setup and reports. We also provide free consulting on research on reports. We can help you analyse the reports at minimal costs to achieve goal oriented marketing and promotions. Keyword research is at core of our web analysis and our customers get benefit from our experience in this field.